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Background Of Plum Trees And All Their Hybrids

The document of ancient plums developing in antiquity is actually sparse. The ideal evidence of that earliest existence is really recorded through America’s many famous pomologist, Luther Burbank, which revealed in his twelve publication botanical literary classic, Modest Fruits, amount IV webpage 136, that the Western european plum, Prunus domestica, and their ancestor fruit originated within the Caucasus Mountains close to the Caspian Sea. Burbank outlined facts that the prune (dried plum) had been a basic foods of the Tartars, Mongols, The Turks, and Huns “which managed a crude horticulture from an extremely early period.” Some sites have put forth the ridiculous idea that, due to the fact the Western european plum, seeds are not present inside the ruins of Pompeii following the volcanic eruption of mountain Vesuvius in 79 AD, “while, many some other past times world fruits are,” that this plum might be concluded to be a latest hybrid of “spontaneous chromosome” increasing to make a hexaploid offspring.

This reminds me of a trip to Albuquerque, NM. I saw a beautiful matured plum tree in my friends garden. It was amazing. The fruit had a dark reddish/purple hue to it. It looked good and it is a good health fruit. I was thinking antioxidants! But really this is when my interest in the good o’ healthy plums was born. Continue reading