Cooking Plums

To prepare plums for cooking, with a sharp knife, cut them in half from the dimple, following the line all around.  Grip each half gently to twist them apart.   Remove the stone using the tip of a knife.  Leave the flesh whole and un-skinned, or slice and chop for use in pies and crumbles.  For easy skinning, drop the plums into a pot of boiling water and leave for approximately 15 seconds.  Remove and immediately plunge into cold water and the skin should be easy to remove.  Alternatively, skin them after cooking.

Sweet dessert plums, such as Mirabelle, Quetsch, Czar and Cherry, can be eaten raw, but are ideally suited to cooking.  You can also try Damson or Greengage plums in cooking.  The following cooking methods are suitable:

Roasted – halve the plums, de-pit and roast for 15 – 20 minutes;
Poached – Poach whole in water or a liquid of your choice for 15 – 25 minutes until tender;
Stewed – Stew in a small amount of liquid with or without sugar for 10 minutes;
Baked – dessert plums with their sweet and tart taste are superb in baked crumbles and pies.